91: Without Horns

  • It’s an ‘All in the Family’ episode of The Six Pack this week with our guests Christopher Ciccone (Madonna’s brother) and Randy Roberts Potts (grandson of televangelist Oral Roberts.) Christopher opens up about growing up with Madge, his feelings on her new material, as well as his own non-Madonna ventures. Randy tells us about the Gay Agenda tour, his quest to show conservatives that gays are just like everyone else. We iron, we vacuum, we read the newspaper… Whoa, how horrifying! Can he save us? We’ll find out!
  • Trending this week: Rick Santorum wants to take away all your porn (apparently so he can have it for himself.) We’ve also got news about illegal loincloths and bargain bin vasectomies. Are these stories all connected? Quite possible.
  • This episode of The Six Pack is dedicated to Ben’s hernia, which he must have gotten from all the hardcore comedy lifting we do around here. So click play! (Lightly, of course; we don’t want you to hurt yourself.)

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