92: The SHTF Episode

  • Our pal Don Lemon swings by this week hot off his hosting of the NLGJA reception. Last time we spoke to Don it was in Joy Behar’s office (So what, who cares?), but this time he swung by our SiriusXM studio to talk about everything from Carson Daly to the shifting trends in media to what that ring is on his finger. Hmm…
  • Tim Ralston from NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers also joins us and gives us advice about how we should “hope for the best and prepare for the worst.” Do you have a bunker? Do you have guns? Do you have a stockpile of food? No? Neither do we, so the real question is did we get his address!
  • Trending this week: Are you sitting down right now? Well, stop. Sitting can kill you! Also, NYC airports may start fining people for using their cell phones on board plans. And what exactly is the deal with ‘airplane mode’ anyway?
  • So there you have it: a newsman, a prepper and two gay hosts. Stock up on food, get in your bunker, and listen to The Six Pack now!

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