93: SoLoMo

  • Comedy legend Richard Lewis joins The Six Pack this week. We somehow managed to get our lines crossed (literally) and gave him the wrong phone number, so this interview jumps off on a neurotic note… as if Richard would have it any other way! Did he curse us out at the end? Hang up on us? Or did we hang up on him? You’ll find out!
  • Trending this week has some good news for alcoholics (congrats), as well as a list of all the new-fangled marketing terms you’re going to need to impress your boss. Don’t worry, ‘plussification’ isn’t as dirty as it sounds. And did you know you can be gay in the video game ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic?’ Just in case being gay in this universe isn’t enough for you. 
  • Sabin Blake, a marketing manager for Cadillac, joins us in studio to talk cars, corporate culture, and what it’s like being a cover model! Yes, Sabin was the subject of the cover story “Black and Gay in Corporate America,” which won a 2012 GLAAD award. Sabin is also heavily involved with The Ruth Ellis Center, one of the four places in the country that deal exclusively with LGBT homeless youth.
  • All that, plus a recap of our LGBT Influencer soiree, Ben’s stalking of Carnie Wilson and more. Click play now!

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