94: Lenny and Squiggy

  • Jessica St. Clair and Lennon Parham from NBC’s ‘Best Friends Forever’ join us to talk about being…best friends forever! What’s it like to co-star, co-write and co-produce a sitcom and still remain friends? (Perhaps calling from separate locations is the key!)
  • Trending this week: Social media skills may be eroding our actual ability to socialize. Is that a problem? And if so, do you have anyone to talk to about it? Google has released its new cloud storage system, but is it worth using if you have to give up your digital rights to intellectual property? We dissect. And finally, Adam Lambert recently spoke out about the gay community not always supporting its own people. We offer up our two cents on the man with the high hair.
  • We also bring back another edition of Werkin’ It, this time with Mark Vogler from Out in the Vineyard. We’ll be joining Mark and many other wine loving gays for Gay Wine Weekend 2012 in Sonoma County in June. Wanna share a couple bottles with us? Click here and find out more.
  • Six Pack 94 is ready for you, so tell your best friend to join you and laugh together. (Or just tweet at them…)

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