95: Pulling a Biden

  • Carnie Wilson and Lizz Winstead join us for a very girly edition of The Six Pack. First, Ben’s dream is realized as we finally get some quality time with Carnie Wilson from Wilson Phillips. Carnie tells us what it was like finding success so early in life and the insecurities that still stick with her. She also opens up about her born-again Christian bandmate Chyna Phillips and reveals how she deals with Twitter haters. Don’t cross Carnie, that’s all we’ll say!
  • Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead gives us her thoughts on that bully Mitt Romney, and she ain’t messing around. Her new book “Lizz Free or Die” also gives us some personal insight into Lizz’s own life, including her childhood ambition to be a priest.
  • In Trending it was a huge gay week with Obama’s big coming out announcement in support of gay marriage. Have you bought your LGBT Obama-ware yet? Also, did you know that dinosaur farts were heating up the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago? A new study says it is true, and if it was studied, we believe it!
  • Now it’s your turn to believe in us by listening to the newest Six Pack right now!

To find out more about gay life in Philly check out http://visitphilly.com/gay

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