96: Summer of the Tank Top


  • It’s The Six Pack summer kick-off! We start the show with some big news: The Six Pack app is now free! To celebrate, in this episode we’re bringing you some of the best special content the app has to offer. From bonus interviews with people such as Smash’s Phillip Spaeth, to extended interviews with people like Richard Lewis, and all new segments like ‘Ask Ben and Dave,’ we think you’ll find this whole situation apptastic! Visit www.sixpackradio.com/getthepodcast to download.
  • Trending this week: People’s summer travel habits seem to be changing, according to a new study. Are you traveling less? Not going as far? Spending more time at nude beaches? We have some stats that might surprise you. Also, for those of you watching your waist, 7-Eleven is coming out with a diet Slurpee. No, we can’t confirm if there will be vitamins in it. And finally, a man who fathered 30 children now doesn’t want to pay child support. Is he your father? Yes, probably.
  • Also, we hit up the Bonobos pop-up store in Boston. Have we mentioned they sell great fitting pants? If you’re in the Boston area, go check out the store at 85 Newbury street and tell them Ben and Dave sent ya!
  • Summer is upon us. Pack your beach bag, headphones, and beverage of choice (a diet Slurpee perhaps?) - and listen to episode 96 now!

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