97: I Wanna Feel Bad

  • Modern day renaissance man John Fugelsang joins us in studio to talk politics, media, religion, and much more. John’s got plenty to tell the right-wing nut jobs, but also wants peace on Earth (and on cable TV.) Will his mission succeed? We shall see!
  • Trending this week: There’s a new mission to get humans to Mars by 2023…as a reality show. Of course, being a contestant comes with one minor catch! Also, in a new legal precedent, a woman won a million bucks from a man who gave her herpes. That’s just a little Public Service Announcement for you folks. And the NYC soda ban is spreading across the country -  next up, Philadelphia!
  • We’ve got a brand spankin’ new ‘Workin’ It’ with business owner, consultant, and overall power lesbian Jennifer Brown of Jennifer Brown Consulting. She tells us how being out in the workforce has changed over the years and has some advice for kids in college. Could coming out be an asset to the career field you choose?
  • We’re off to Sonoma for Gay Wine Weekend. So before we end up ‘Sideways’ listen to episode 97 now!
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