98: The Budding Grapes

  • Chris Crocker joins us for our Six Pack Pride Spectacular! It’s been over a year since we last spoke to him, and boy have things changed for the ‘Leave Britney Alone’ YouTube celeb. He’s suddenly finding mainstream success with the HBO documentary “Me at the Zoo,” which takes you on the wild ride that has been his on/off camera life.
  • Trending this week: YouTube in Japan may start restricting what viewers can and cannot watch. Is this a prelude to what could be coming to America? Also, getting an early start to your day is now scientifically proven to make you more efficient, so stop sleeping in and get something done! And what do your shoes say about you? Time for some psychoanalysis.
  • Next up, we went west to Gay Wine Weekend in Sonoma for a few days of wine, gays, and more wine and more gays. Thanks to Out in the Vineyard we had a spectacular trip, and we introduce you to just some of the folks who helped make our trip happen. Shout-outs to the MacArthur Place hotel and Queertrip.com! Trust us, you will want to join us for the festivities next year!
  • Finally, it’s an entire Group Action brought to you by our friends at Trojan Brand Condoms. We hit the streets of NYC for Gay Pride and talked to the L’s, G’s, the B’s, and the T’s. (And, of course, helped the local economy by purchasing a bunch of rainbow flags.) It’s a wide net that we gays cast, so be proud of it and listen in to Six Pack 98 right now!

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