99: The Secret About Gays and Straights

  • Steve Guttenberg, movie star and author of ‘The Guttenberg Bible,’
    joins us to talk Hollywood, why gay is better then straight, and how
    he keeps such a big smile on his face all the time. Could there be a
    “Three Gay Men and a Baby” in the works? We ask the probing questions.
  • Trending this week: Could Anderson Cooper’s coming out lead to a mass
    coming out in China? One blogger is trying to make it happen. Also,
    Dr. Drew might be in some hot water after shilling a popular medication without disclosing he was getting paid for it. Does he need to go to Celebrity
    Rehab himself? And finally, a British scientist has developed a pizza
    that is healthy enough to eat three times a day and satisfy your
    nutritional needs. Sadly there’s no pepperoni version…yet.
  • Janet Mock, writer and staff editor at People.com, makes her triumphant return
    to the show as well. She dishes all the dirt on TomKat, Anderson
    Cooper, and much more. Yes, she’s keeping them honest, one celebrity at
    a time.
  • With Anderson finally out it’s now time for you to dig in to a new
    episode of The Six Pack. Click play now!

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