Domestic Daddy in Da' House

Our friends over at Modern Tonic recently introduced us to Christopher Nordquist, aka the Domestic Daddy. Since we’re such free-swinging socialites (cough, cough) we wanted to sit down with Christopher and find out what this domestication stuff is all about.

  • Does he want to be the “gay Bree Van de Camp?”
  • What’s it like being a gay dad?
  • Does he wear a “mapron” (man apron) in the kitchen?
  • Do moms on the playground get jealous of his domestic abilities?
  • The secrets of good gazpacho.
  • Full disclosure of recipe for his fave cocktail of the moment.

For more info on Christopher, some great lifestyle tips, and plenty more, check out his site or follow him on twitter @domesticdaddy.

(Click for mp3)